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Small Butter Knife

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Make your very own butter knife.


Stainless steel.


Made in Sheffield England.


Easy to make and inexpensive.


Blade length approx 72mm.


Overall length approx 100mm.



How to make

1. Turn a handle from your choice of wood or acrylic.

For finishing the acrylic we recommend the micro mesh sanding pads.

2. Drill a hole for the shaft

For softer timbers use a drill bit slightly smaller than the shaft.

For hardwood or acrylic use a drill bit that is the same size.


3. Attach the handle

For softer timbers, press the shaft in for a friction fit, a small amount of CA glue can be used for added strength.

For hardwood or acrylic, using an epoxy glue, fill the hole 1/4 of the way and insert the blade into position.


4. For handles made from wood, apply a few coats of food safe plus.

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