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Dayacom Diamond Crown 3U Gold Rollerball Pen Kit

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"If you are the type of person who takes great pride in their work and demands only the highest level of quality, Dayacom pen kits are the clear choice."



Dayacom pen kits are often imitated but never equaled as they use only the highest quality materials, pen components and precious metal plating available.



This is a full size rollerball pen.



A separate fountain nib and front section to suit this pen is available. 



Designed for the royal family and noble use, this is one of the finest pen kits ever made by Dayacom.



This is for our high end pen customers that demand a pen with plenty of bling.


We started with the Dayacom crown as a base, from there we have replaced the artificial Cubic Zirconia stones with 100% all natural precious stones.


The trade name for the type of stones we have used are Matura Diamonds.


Matura Diamonds have high rate of dispersion, which means an incredible amount of sparkle.


Spiritual properties include boosting the power of attraction, improving self confidence and granting good health.


The centre band has a total of 17 individual 2.9mm Diamonds.


At the top of the pen is a large 13mm Diamond.


At bottom of the pen is a large 10mm Diamond.


To insure that the pen remains a solid investment in the many years to come the body has been plated in stunning 3U Gold.


The Diamond Crown uses the same bushes, tubes and drill bit's as the Dayacom statesman pen.



This pen features


  • 3U Gold Plating. 3U Gold is a heavy duty extra thick plating that is extremely hard wearing. 3U has a bright buttery yellow appearance just like pure Gold.
  • Matura Diamonds. Matura Diamonds are a 100% all natural precious stone with a high rate of dispersion, which means an incredible amount of sparkle.
  • Non postable end cap.
  • Schmidt 5888 F Metal case, Black ink rollerball refill, Stainless steel tip with 0.6mm ceramic ball, Made in Germany.
  • Made in Taiwan


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