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Dayacom Great Zeus 3U Gold Rollerball Pen Kit

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"If you are the type of person who takes great pride in their work and demands only the highest level of quality, Dayacom pen kits are the clear choice."


Dayacom pen kits are often imitated but never equaled as they use only the highest quality materials, pen components and precious metal plating available.


This is a full size rollerball pen.


A separate fountain nib and front section to suit this pen is available.


The inspiration behind this pen is the Roman warrior spirit.


This pen features the sword of a mighty roman warrior as the pen clip. The overall design of the pen is in the style of a Corinthian Roman column. The Corinthian Roman column exhibits a greater refinement and elegance than other styles of columns. The third level of the arches at the Colosseum are framed by half columns of the Corinthian Roman style.


The Great Zeus uses the same Bushes and drill bit's as the Dayacom Emperor pen.

For extra tubes you will need to order the Dayacom Statesman tubes.


This pen features

  • 3U Gold Plating. 3U Gold is a heavy duty extra thick plating that is extremely hard wearing. 3U has a bright buttery yellow appearance just like pure Gold.
  • Non postable end cap.
  • Schmidt 5888 F Metal case, Black ink rollerball refill, Stainless steel tip with 0.6mm ceramic ball, Made in Germany.
  • Made in Taiwan


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