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GPW Transfer Punch Set

When used as a pen mill
When used as a pen mill
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"These punches have a variety of uses most notably for use as a pen dissasembler or as a pen mill"



Set includes 28 punches ranging in size from 3/32" to 1/2" in increments of 1/64" plus a 17/32" punch, each punch is 4 7/8" long.


Unlike other sets on the market we have had the 1/4" punch machined down so that it will fit inside a slimline pen tube, perfect for use as a pen mill or dissasembler.


Made from the finest tool steel with a black oxide finish.


Carefully heat treated and tampered.


For use as a pen mill you will need to place the punch inside a drill chuck located in the tailstock of your lathe. In the headstock you will need a sanding disc. Simply find the punch that fits inside of the tube of your desired pen. Switch on your lathe at a speed of around 1000RPM and slide the tube against the pad to trim the edge ready for pen turning.

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