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Gen 3 GP100 Deluxe Chuck Set

Standard Jaws
Standard Equipment
Chuck Insert
Pin Jaws
Step Jaws
Wide Jaws
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"This is the smoothest chuck we have ever sold"


We have designed this chuck primarily for use with Mini and Midi size lathes but it is well suited on lathes of all sizes. 


Standard equipment includes 50mm Standard Jaws, Pin Jaws, Step Jaws, Wide Jaws,  8 x Allen Head Screws, T-bar, Allen Key, Wood Screw and Chuck Insert.


Standard Jaws

Standard Jaws have a variety of uses and can grip on the inside or the outside.


Standard Jaws when closed are 39mm inside and 50mm outside.


Standard Jaws when expanded are 55mm inside and 66mm outside.


Pin Jaws

Pin Jaws are designed to hold smaller spindle items.


Pin Jaws are used to hold pen blanks when drilling them on a lathe.

Pin Jaws when closed are 9mm inside and 25mm outside.


Pin Jaws when expanded are 26mm inside and 42mm outside.


Step Jaws

Step Jaws have a variety of uses and can grip on the inside or the outside.


Step Jaws when closed are 19mm inside and 39mm outside.


Step Jaws when expanded are 35mm inside and 55mm outside.


Wide Jaws

Wide Jaws are designed for holding larger items.


Wide Jaws when closed are 75mm inside and 90mm outside.


Wide Jaws when expanded are 98mm inside and 110mm outside.


For the correct Chuck Insert size you will need to know the thread size on the desired lathe.


Choose the insert from the menu.


This chuck features-


  • Easy to use one handed operation.
  • Precision engineered components.
  • 24 pin indexing.
  • 96mm Diameter.
  • The ability to run Vicmarc jaws designed for the VM100 once drilled out to 6mm.
  • The ability to run Teknatool jaws designed for the Nova once the 2 & 4 jaw are placed in the opposite position.



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