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JET Power Feeder

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  • A heavy duty power feed with four speeds from 2.9 to 11.5 m/min (8 off 2.9 to 23m/min 415V).
  • The unit has a 50mm column and a 200mm depth under the head with a far more powerful motor than the smaller units previously listed.
  • The three rollers are 50mm wide and provide a greater traction with this increased width. Due to the weight of this item, it is recommended to fix it directly to the table top of the machine.
  • Column Diameter 50mm
  • Height Under 200mm
  • Reach 415mm
  • Feed Speed 240V-(4)2.9 to 11.5m/min  415V-(8)2.9 to 23m/min
  • Nett Weight 50kg
  • Power 370W/240V 370W/415V
  • Reach 415mm
  • Roller Size 100 x 50mm (x3)


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