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GPW Pencil Converter for Parker Pen

Left shows the standard end cap. Right shows the end cap after being adjusted.
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By replacing the standard parker refill with a pencil converter, you will be able to convert your pen into a pencil.


Includes 3 x 0.7mm lead refills.


All you have to do is slightly shorten the plastic end cap, the quickest and safest way is to use some sandpaper or a file.


Will suit any pen that uses a parker refill with a twist mechanism including the following kits:-

  • Dayacom Sierra Twist
  • GPW Sierra
  • Dayacom Elegant Beauty Twist
  • GPW Cigar
  • Dayacom Bullet Twist
  • Dayacom Americana
  • Dayacom Parker

Not compatible with any pens that have a click or bolt action mechanism.


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