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Gold Glitter Premium Blank

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"Made from polyester resin, these blanks are a stunning alternative to using wood. Just like wood no two blanks are ever exactly the same."


Made exclusively for GPW, comes our new range of premium custom pen blanks.


Blank size is approx 135mm x 20mm x 25mm


Recommended for small to medium size pen kits including Slimline, Streamline, Sierra, Cigar and Bolt Action.


Style Tips

Solid black polyester resin with gold glitter.

Bonus Tips

These are made using polyester casting resin in silicon molds.


When drilling the blanks it is best to take your time, drilling too fast will generate a lot of heat which can cause the blanks to break. A popular method is to spray water on the blank while drilling to keep the temperature low.


When turning the blanks make sure that your tools are sharp and that your lathe is at the highest speed. Take light cuts with a skew or gouge.


For finishing the blanks we highly recommend using the Micro Mesh pads, these will give you outstanding results.

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