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Dayacom Antique Brass Professor Pen Kit

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"If you are the type of person who takes great pride in their work and demands only the highest level of quality, Dayacom pen kits are the clear choice."


Dayacom pen kits are often imitated but never equaled as they use only the highest quality materials, pen components and precious metal plating available.


This is a single tube pen which is quick and easy to make.


The Dayacom Professor features a knurling design on the end cap and above the nib.


Not only does this pen look stunning with its timeless design, it also feels amazing to hold and to write with.


This pen features

  • Antique Brass Plating. Antique Brass is extremely durable and has a gorgeous aged appearance. Antique Brass Plating is often used in high end home fittings and decor.
  • Dayacom Black Parker refill featuring a Swiss made tungsten carbide ball, West German ink with a waxed tip.
  • The superior Dayacom twist mechanism.
  • Made in Taiwan
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