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GPW iStylus Kit 24k Gold

Additional Info
pdf Stylus Instructions.pdf (13.9 KB)

"GPW Pen kits are a quality product at an affordable price"


The GPW iStylus Kit is quick and easy to make. It features a stylus tip for use on smart phones and tablets. It also has a handy plug that will fit in a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has the same sizing as the Slimline pen kit.


This kit features

  • 24k Gold Plating. 24k Gold contains the highest amount of pure gold (approx 99.9%). 24k Gold has a bright buttery yellow appearance.
  • A layer of clear epoxy resin is sprayed over the 24k Gold Plating which not only makes the plating more durable, it also adds a rich deep shine.
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