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Bote Cote 1.5 Litre Epoxy Kit




Australia's premium amine blush free marine coating and boat building epoxy. A 2:1 epoxy, this contains 1 Litre of Resin and 500mL of Hardener.

Bote-Cote is an epoxy system specially formulated to meet the needs of wooden boats and their builders.  It is highly resistant to attack by water and other chemicals and solvents, and as an adhesive, it grips tenaciously to timber and other materials.  In particular it is formulated to match the flex properties of timber, so that it is not brittle and will not crack away from the timber as the structure moves naturally.  Its high solids formula provides an excellent moisture barrier, and its fast wetting and penetrating properties make it an ideal matrix for fibreglass and other synthetic fibres.  It has a thixotropic agent in the formulation to help develop an adequate coating thickness (especially on vertical or sloping panels), the single most important factor in preventing moisture reaching the substrate.

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