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8" x 1.5" Pink Grinding Wheel

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When it comes to sharpening HSS woodturning tools there seems to be a misconception that a wet stone grinder or CBN wheel is needed, this is simply not true.


These pink aluminum oxide grinding wheels are designed for sharpening HSS woodturning tools at a fraction of the price.


Simply install the wheel on any existing benchtop grinder.


Included is an adaptor bush to suit any size shaft.


The advantage of using a pink wheel over a white wheel is that it has a higher level of hardness and a higher level of strength, which allows for more precision grinding.


Another advantage of using a pink wheel over a white wheel, is that a pink wheel will sharpen at a lot cooler temperature for a longer period of time, eliminating the risk of burning or discolouring the tool.


These wheels will sharpen 100's of tools and outlive most people.


Max RPM 3200


Made in Taiwan


Available in 80 Grit.


To keep the wheel true, we recommend using a devil dresser.

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