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Since the early ninety's we have been selling Dayacom pen kits and accessories.

In terms of quality, Dayacom are second to none.

The design process, quality of components, and materials used are what other pen manufacturers can only dream about. 

We have the largest range of Dayacom pen parts in the southern hemisphere.

Our range includes a variety of styles such as the entry level Slimline, ultra modern Streamline, stylish Bullet pens and the worldwide favourite Sierra.

For our high end customers that demand a pen with plenty of Bling! We have styles such as the Jr. Great Palace Vine and Diamond Crown which have been designed for royal family and noble use.

All of our pen kits come with all the parts you need to complete the pen minus the timber or acrylic. Once you have clicked on the pen, you will see the related products such as the bushes and drill bits to suit that pen and spare tubes, you can also download a pdf of the instructions.


dayacom sierra pen kit
Dayacom Bullet Pen Kits
Dayacom Professor Pen Kit
jr abraham pen
Jr aaron pen kit
great palace vine pen kit
harold full size pen kit


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