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The GPW Advantage

With an over saturated pen market it seems there is more misinformation out there than ever before. Every week we hear stories from wood turners who have spent hours handcrafting a pen only for it to not go together or simply fall apart. What is even crazier to hear is how much they paid for the actual kit itself considering such poor quality.

Realizing that not everyone can afford the ultra premium quality pen kits made by Dayacom, we hit the drawing board, using our years of experience, vast array of contacts and bulk buying power to create a line of our own.

Our GPW pen kits feature quality components and premium plating's.

Because we deal direct with the factory there are no added brand licensing or agent fees, which means we can pass on the savings directly to our customers.

All of our pen kits come with all the parts you need to complete the pen minus the timber or acrylic. Once you have clicked on the pen, you will see the related products such as the bushes and drill bits to suit that pen and spare tubes, you can also download a pdf of the instructions.

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